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On Saturday 19 March 2011 10:45:01 Warren Block wrote:
On Fri, 18 Mar 2011, Barry Kominik wrote:

I solved the issue. There were no errors. I set moused_port="/dev/ums0" in
rc.conf. Sorry for the noise. This is my first PC-BSD install, I do not
recall being asked if I was using a usb mouse. I am coming from and OpenBSD
and OpenSolaris background and didn't grok /etc/default/rc.conf. Once I
looked inside it was obvious what to do.

Thinking about it, it really doesn't seem that obvious.  The Handbook
kind of skips over it instead of saying "If you have a USB mouse, it
will be detected and moused started automatically."

not really. At least not at my machine. If I do not have a


in my rc.conf, I do not get X to work later. But I still have the mouse 
available. Enabling moused in rc.conf leads to a frozen mouse on at least two 
of my machines.

USB mice cause moused to run even with moused_enable="NO" (the default), because moused_nondefault_enable="YES" is in /etc/defaults/rc.conf.

With the default settings, a USB mouse should provide a mouse pointer in the console. It should still work with moused_enable="YES".

In xorg, there are other things that can come into play, including xorg.conf settings like InputDevice sections, mouse device and protocol, AllowEmptyInput (which should be avoided), AutoAddDevices which can be used to disable hal device hotplugging, whether hal is running, and whether xorg-server was built with or without hal support. Probably others.
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