On 11/07/2011, at 17:35, Chris Rees wrote:
>> It would be nice if FreeBSD shipped with those files in (say) 
>> /usr/libdata/pkgconfig and the pkg-config port was tweaked to search there 
>> as well but it hasn't happened yet..
> Really? We don't have pkgconfig in the base system, so I'd submit that
> it'd be a little strange.
> I would suggest a port (perhaps like libusb-pkgconfig) that
> installs/creates those files in ${PREFIX}/libdata/pkgconfig for you,
> or any other creative fix that you can think of!
> Not sure if we want to go down that road though...

That is the other approach but it's a bit of a pain to make the libusb port do 
something very different for 8.x.

(Or at least I don't have any patches for that :)

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