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On 24.10.2011 08:33, Hans Petter Selasky wrote:
> On Sunday 23 October 2011 22:06:42 Franz Schwartau wrote:
>> I know... :-) My machine has OHCI as well as EHCI. But the QuickPort
>> docking station is attached to an OHCI instead of an EHCI.
> Then there is no way to get High Speed. Some computers are just like that, 
> that not all ports are High Speed. Maybe we should have a warning about that, 
> that the device should be connected to another port to get High Speed?

Maybe my "attached" was misleading. The port I attached the QuickPort
docking station is capable of high speed in regard of the hardware. But
FreeBSD attaches the device to an OHCI instead of an EHCI. Of course I
tried different ports and cables.

On a different machine with the same motherboard I tested the QuickPort
with FreeBSD-9.0-RC1, CentOS 6.0 and Windows 7. Under CentOS 6.0 and
Windows 7 the QuickPort was set to high speed. Under FreeBSD only full
speed was available. The only difference so far I could find was that
wMaxPacketSize in Endpoint 0 and Endpoint 1 is set to 0x40 for FreeBSD
and 0x200 for CentOS and Windows.

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