On Saturday 18 February 2012 14:07:18 Robert Millan wrote:
> Hi,
> If I recall correctly from the /etc/devd/usb.conf discussion, decision
> was taken not to exclude USB drivers from main kernel image (and leave
> it to devd to auto-load them) because of timing in the 9.0 release
> cycle.
> Now that 9.0 is released, would it make sense to do this change in
> HEAD and make the kernel image about ~290 kiBs smaller? Attached patch
> does this for all USB drivers that can be handled by devd (except ukbd
> and umass for obvious reasons).
> Note that a very similar change has already been tested for several
> months in Debian GNU/kFreeBSD kernels, with no observable ill effects.


The /etc/devd/usb.conf is regularly updated, though not automatically. It 
should auto-load most kind of devices. Only additional case that comes to mind 
is that USB serial console will not be active until devd has executed, if that 
is enabled.

Your patch looks OK. Adding ARCH @

Instead of commenting out, I would just remove those lines.

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