On Mar 4, 2012, at 5:44 AM, Robert Millan wrote:

> El 3 de març de 2012 19:37, Warner Losh <i...@bsdimp.com> ha escrit:
>>> Hi,
>>> Your patch looks good.
>>> Are there any objections committing the patch attached to the previous 
>>> e-mail?
>> Do all the platforms that had the devices removed work?  Have they all been 
>> tested?
> I've tested the i386 flavour on a FreeBSD VM. It boots and
> successfully loads ums.ko.
> Aside from that, a very similar setup has been tested for i386 and
> amd64 on Debian GNU/kFreeBSD, for several months.
> I'm unable to test the other architectures.  But if you're more
> comfortable that way, I have no problem with excluding them from my
> patch.

It is the other architectures that I'm specifically worried about.  I know that 
x86 flavors will work even without testing them specifically since I've been 
doing something akin to this for years.  I've not had good luck always with arm 
and mips platforms and USB, so I'd feel better if we could get some testing 
done there.  I'll see what I can dig up from my board pile to test, but my 
coverage will be limited.

Read this as a "go ahead with x86, please wait on the others for more data" 
from me.


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