Hans Petter Selasky wrote:
On Thursday 29 March 2012 23:20:43 Denver Hull wrote:
Hans Petter Selasky wrote:
On Saturday 24 March 2012 18:14:41 Denver Hull wrote:

I discovered this when I saw an update to input-wacom at
freshports.org.  I've installed cuse4bsd, the new input-wacom, and the
latest webcamd:

I believe I've followed all the instructions properly, and when I start
webcamd, everything seems to be correct:
Attached ugen1.2[0] to cuse unit 0
Creating /dev/input/event0

According to dmesg, ugen1.2 is the correct device (I have a Bamboo Pen):
ugen1.2:<Wacom Co.,Ltd.>   at usbus1

The /dev/input/event0 node is indeed created.  However, when I start X,
I get the following:
(EE) stylus: Wacom X driver can't grab event device (Bad address)
(EE) eraser: Wacom X driver can't grab event device (Bad address)
(EE) cursor: Wacom X driver can't grab event device (Bad address)
(EE) pad: Wacom X driver can't grab event device (Bad address)
(EE) touch: Wacom X driver can't grab event device (Bad address)
Protocol not supported by server

The last line repeats indefinitely, and X never finishes starting up.
The system I'm trying this on is 8.3-PRERELEASE.  I had tried this
quickly a while ago on 8.2-STABLE with similar results.

Does anyone have any ideas about what might be wrong?

I think the wacom has two interfaces.

So you need to do two instances of webcamd, using -i 0 and -i 1 .

Else search google for webcamd-

My Bamboo Pen is working fine now.  I installed your latest version,
webcamd-, and that takes care of getting webcamd started
properly.  It's still necessary to make sure moused doesn't attach to
the tablet.  I'm not sure what the best way is to do that, but for now
I've adjusted /etc/devd.conf so only the first ums device gets attached.

Thanks Hans, this is great.  I wish I had one or two other devices I
could try.

To avoid ums attach, see "usbconfig dump_quirk_names | grep UMS".


I don't get anything with that command on my 8.2-STABLE system. Is that something that will work on 9 but not 8?



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