On 12/14/14 19:26, Randall Fox wrote:
Thanks for the reply...  Here are the answers to you questions.

What USB controllers are you using? EHCI/XHCI/OHCI/UHCI?
I'm not sure how to check this, but it looks like it's using EHCI, at least
it shows that when running usbconfig:
$ usbconfig

ugen0.1: <EHCI root HUB Intel> at usbus0, cfg=0 md=HOST spd=HIGH (480Mbps)
pwr=SAVE (0mA)
ugen1.1: <EHCI root HUB Intel> at usbus1, cfg=0 md=HOST spd=HIGH (480Mbps)
pwr=SAVE (0mA)
ugen0.2: <product 0x0024 vendor 0x8087> at usbus0, cfg=0 md=HOST spd=HIGH
(480Mbps) pwr=SAVE (0mA)
ugen1.2: <product 0x0024 vendor 0x8087> at usbus1, cfg=0 md=HOST spd=HIGH
(480Mbps) pwr=SAVE (0mA)
ugen0.3: <Hermon USB hidmouse Device Winbond Electronics Corp> at usbus0,
cfg=0 md=HOST spd=FULL (12Mbps) pwr=ON (100mA)
ugen1.3: <Cruzer SanDisk> at usbus1, cfg=0 md=HOST spd=HIGH (480Mbps)
pwr=ON (200mA)
ugen1.4: <TRIPP LITE SMART1500RM2U Tripp Lite> at usbus1, cfg=0 md=HOST
spd=LOW (1.5Mbps) pwr=ON (0mA)

Are all USB controller drivers loaded?

I would assume so.  Since the device is USB HID, I don't have any device
specific drivers to load.  And since the mouse/keyboard etc, loads fine,and
I don't see any errors in the logs.  If there is somewhere else I should
check, just point me in that direction.  I would assume if it was a driver
problem, the communication to the device would not work at all.  I can
communicate with it, it just disconnects and reconnects frequently.

Did you try connecting the device through an external USB HUB?

Just did, here is the result.  Interesting, but still the same result, but
with more info.  The hub I used is part of my monitor, a new Dell with a
USB3 hub in it.  I had to lug it into the server room.  I usually run


Can you send the output from "pciconv -lv" especially those lines which relate to USB controllers?

Also try setting:

sysctl hw.usb.no_cs_fail=1


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