Sorry for late reply, Since i was busy last week for 1 of my course exam
and lab assignments .
Now Iam free . Yes shall we schedule some time to discuss about the USB
front end driver.
Let me share some of my understandings i had , when i did a Linux kernel
and Device drivers course which includes USB device driver .
I did this course under a famous corporate trainer Raghu Bharadwaj in Veda
Institute of technology, Hyderabad India.
I did some coding and testing with character and block device drivers.
Before my masters studies I worked for couple of design and maintenance of
Embedded linux device drivers such as MCP23s17 and DSC11531 DAC chips and
testing the Embedded software for Data distribution unit and further i
worked on implementing Remote UI for sound bar EVM with 2 core Omap SoC .

I understood the basics of USB Stack for any USB device , 6 device classes
 for USB driver and its data transfer types and 4 descriptor  structures
described in USB specification and further the Lifecycle of URB request
blocks which is an important concern for coding and  implementation of USB
device drivers

In my opinion USB is more of implementing Library functions and frame level
application data transfer . An USB driver data transfer can also be
Char/Block/Network drivers with some registration layer, file operations
structure changes.

Kindly mention your convenient time on coming wednesday or thursday  and Im
in Sweden so I need to check corresponding CET time on these days to fix
timing .
My skype id is gokulnath.gokulnath1

Kindly reply me
thanks and regards

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> Hi Gokul,
> Ping: Can you respond to this e-mail or are you one of those spam bots?
> --HPS
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