I found these links usefull to understand some major API constructs for


with the vusb_analyser  and enabling the usb_debug locks in usb_debug.c
from this link of freebsd usb source tree

and by testing with  keyboard which is low speed interrupt transfer
endpoint will i be able to see frames data transfer and debug lock messages
, so i cud understand the source code functions related to USB stack (major
API functions which i watched in your FreeBSD USB stack and in link i
mentioned above)  which i need to implement in Xen frontend code.
Kindly i want to discuss these in skype . Could you please mention your
convenient availability time.
thanks and regards

On Wed, Mar 18, 2015 at 10:24 AM, Hans Petter Selasky <h...@selasky.org>

> Hi,
> On 03/18/15 11:19, Gokul Krishna wrote:
>> Hi
>> Sure I will do that.
>> I watched the video on USB stack on freeBSD and I could able understand
>> those USB data transfer management constructs and other things explained .
>> I also checked the vusb-analyser which is a Virtual USB Bus-analyser and
>> understood certain debugging things that it gives information of data
>> including device address from device descriptor and amount of data
>> transfer
>> from  interface and endpoint (In and Out buffers) descriptors data
>> structures .
> Another idea might be to implement a USB backend for Wireshark. It also
> can understand USB transactions!
>> The aim of the project is to convert XEN USB device model( made with Linux
>> requirement ) into something compatible with FreeBSD USB Stack.
> Right!
>> I also try to see things on para-virtualised XEN USB . I found  the
>> appropriate front-end driver source tree in slide number 7 in the below
>> pdf
>> link.
>> http://www-archive.xenproject.org/files/xensummit_oracle09/PVUSB.pdf
>> (please give your suggestions and comments and will i have access to see
>> this code)
>> I think i need to go through this particular source code to find my
>> precise
>> task
>> So I will have more clarity in planning the list of milestone tasks  for
>> mid-term deliverables  toll gate and final deliverables toll gates which i
>> need to get reviewed from you before applying the proposal.
> When you have something ready, just contact me off-list and I'll give it a
> review.
> --HPS
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