On 5/18/2016 10:46, Hans Petter Selasky wrote:
> On 05/18/16 17:32, Karl Denninger wrote:
>> If I'm reading this correctly usbdump is showing me exactly what the
>> device is sending; that is, there is no "driver" involved here (just bus
>> traffic) -- correct?
> Hi,
> usbdump is showing exactly what the USB controller driver is sending
> and receiving. It is similar to a USB wire trace.
Basically tcpdump for usb.  Got it.
>> If so that looks like a device bug (and a nasty one that I may have all
>> sorts of fun trying to work around.)
> Yes, most likely a bug on the device side.
> I assume you are running this software on a regular computer with
> --HPS

This is being seen on a Pi2 / 11-Current.

I'm reasonably sure that the Pi2 itself and the base USB code is ok,
however, because there is another USB device also in use by the same
software (it emulates a serial port and so attaches on the serial
driver; it exposes itself as a /dev/cua.... device) which has never
exhibited repeated frames although it too talks using interrupt mode,
and also has a packet style of communication, so if it was doing the
same sort of thing my code would have been yelling about it,
particularly since that other device also generates sequence numbers on
the packets for use by the software in implementing a callback stack
(this one doesn't.)

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