Marko Zec wrote:

> here's the procedure which should be sufficient to get IMUNES up and running 
> on FreeBSD 8.0-RC3 (I've tested this on amd64, but i386 should work as well):

Hello Marko,

I followed the procedure on a i386 with success!! I am very happy with
my first Free BSD 8.0 RC3 with IMUNES!! It looks very good!
Congratulations on your excellent work!! I use IMUNES since the very
beginning (FreeBSD 4.11), over the last 4-5 years.

I have found a little thing not yet compatible with new version, but
with simple solution: the cpu line on imunes.imn files. Old files or new
ones with quagga generated configs have a line "cpu ..." that is passed
to "vimage -m" that reports a "no such file" error:

===== Example.imn ========
1. node n0 {
2.    type router
3.    cpu {{min 0} {max 100} {weight 1}}
4.    model quagga
5.    network-config {
6.        hostname n0
7        !

Line 3 is the unsupported jail parameter that Imunes.tcl reports has:

Error: No such file or directory
Error: No such file or directory
    while executing
"exec vimage -m i0b5b0.n0 cpumin 0"
    ("eval" body line 1)

My current solution is to comment out lines 297-305 of exec.tcl file:

#    if { $cpumin != "" } {
#        nexec vimage -m $node_id cpumin $cpumin
#    }
#    if { $cpumax != "" } {
#        nexec vimage -m $node_id cpumax $cpumax
#    }
#    if { $cpuweight != "" } {
#        nexec vimage -m $node_id cpuweight $cpuweight
#    }

Many thanks for your excellent work!

António Duarte Costa

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