I have a machine running Win/XP Pro SP3 hosting VirtualBox 3.1.

The hardware happily boots the Ubuntu amd64 CDROM natively and FreeBSD 8.0
also boots fine - well ... up to the point where it has to ID the hard
drive, but that's another story.

IOW, the hardware is 64-bit capable (It is an Intel mobo w/a Pentium-D
940 w/EMT64 option).

HOWEVER, when I run VirtualBox and try to install the 64 bit version
of FreeBSD in a VM, it get a "CPU doesn't support long mode" error
during the FreeBSD virtual booting process.  FreeBSD 8.0 i386 works

'Anyone run across this before and/or have a fix?

Tim Daneliuk     tun...@tundraware.com
PGP Key:         http://www.tundraware.com/PGP/

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