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 > >> On Sun, 21 Feb 2010, Julian Elischer wrote:
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 > >>  Jim Sifferle wrote:
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 > >>>> Hi,
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> >>>> Does any FreeBSD branch / vimage release combination support separate pf > >>>> AND ipfw configurations per jail? I need ipfw+pf/altq for HFSC queuing
 > >>>
 > >>> -current (9) should be close, with patches for pf supplied by ceri.
 > >>
 > >> s,ceri,eri,  (Ermal Luçi)
 > >
 > > it'd be nice if itcould get committed
 > >
 > > Ermal, is it ready?
 > >
 > It is usable look at http://svn.freebsd.org/base/user/eri/pf45/head/.
 > For vnet pfsync/pflow/pflog needs some fixes still.

I just now had some time to put together a CURRENT box for testing. I'm getting a 'Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode' whenever I boot with pf_enable set to YES in rc.conf. Here's my current setup:

- FreeBSD CURRENT cvs snapshot as of 2/25/10, running AMD64 kernel

- GENERIC kernel compiled with ALTQ and VIMAGE options, invariants and witness options disabled, plus Imunes patch for FreeBSD 8 RC3 available here: http://imunes.net/imunes-8.0-RC3.diff

- pf loaded as module with very simple pass all pf.conf

- ipfw not loaded

The Fatal trap seems to occur when pfctl is run.

This is unfortunately one for Ermal, as I wouldn't know a pfctl command if it came up and kicked me in the shins. :-)

We really should try get the new pf stuff into -current so that
it gets more testing.

I am recompiling my kernel with all debugging options turned on. Hopefully I can get a good kernel dump. I will also try with fresh kernel sources skipping the Imunes patch. Anything else I should try?

Thanks for your help,


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