On Sat, 13 Nov 2010, Julian Elischer wrote:

Hi Julian,

It was only a short discussion among "non developers" during a short breakout session.
the session was "what is this VIMAGE/jails thing"?
and was not a dev-summit meeting but an "introduction to vimage" for end users.

Ok. Thanks for the follow-up.  Much appreciated.

During the discussion people were asking questions that they had. Some of the questions I could answer well but others resulted in discussions that ended up with things like, "we you could do that but that would require that you had a different /dev/pfsync for
each jail, and we have no way to do that yet".

Well, to my understanding pfsync might already be fixed but maybe it
was just /dev/pf.  Ermal might want to follow-up but to my
understanding a) there'll be one for every jail (given you allow it to
show up in devfs) and b) based on credtials on open you'll figure out
the right jail.

I promised the group that after the meeting I would bring up the topic with other interested
developers... so here we are..

Tahnks a lot!


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