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first of all freebsd-virtualization@ is the better list for this; Cc:ed.

We are using FreeBSD + VIMAGE at work, and we have seen an annoying problem :
there seems to be a memory leak in the kernel, which eventually causes a

(yes, we have seen the following message : "WARNING: VIMAGE (virtualized
network stack) is a highly experimental feature.")

Configuring a network interface in a jail with vnet enabled, then removing
that jail causes these messages. In dmesg:

Freed UMA keg was not empty (203 items).  Lost 1 pages of memory.
Freed UMA keg was not empty (36 items).  Lost 2 pages of memory.

The issue happens in a GENERIC FreeBSD 8.1 kernel, with VIMAGE enabled (with
attached VIMAGE kernel config file).

The following commands reproduce the bug:

jail -l -u root -c path=/ name=foo persist vnet &&
jexec foo ifconfig lo0 &&
jail -r foo

Running it too many times exhausts kernel memory and crashes the machine.

The probleme is seen on 8.1-release kernel, 8-stable from SVN and SVN -head.

The problem has been present since day 1 and is still present up to
HEAD.  This is about type stability and teardown.  So far we are no
able to actually free TCP (and UDP in SVN) states as they might still
be accesses after "free".  It's a general problem in the network stack
and has been implemented as a measure to circumvent panics in those

I am not sure if that's actually what's biting you wrt to memory or
if it's something else.  Unfortunately boot logs and kernel configs
don't help much; enable ddb and get show uma and show malloc reports
after the crash (or watch vmstat -z and vmstat -m) after every 50 jail
restarts.  I might have some patches for a couple of things but cannot
(yet) help with the additional (duplicate) UMA zones showing up at
each iteration (for the -z case).


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