On Thu, 3 Feb 2011, Bjoern A. Zeeb wrote:


next week I plan to extract the initial parts from perforce and merge
them to SVN. This will include:

1) vnet socket pushdown.

As some might have noticed I committed a bit of the "noise" from that
already.  It's proven kind of hard to extract the things from perforce
with an additional several months of development and changes on top,
but it'll be easier with every commit to SVN;)

I will continue to directly commit small changes to SVN while I will
post larger ones here for review/testing.  If you are tracking VIMAGE
in HEAD and anything breaks for you please yell at me!

Here's the vnet socket push back patch:

I have done some but not thorough testing on the patch.  Given it
should be a complete extract from p4 I have been using it for more
than half a year though;)

I plan to commit this early-mid-weekish, so if you want to test let me
know by then.

If you are on stable/8 you might want to apply the combined upcoming
merge patch before the above:

I'd suggest we'll check an updated smbfs patch after that and get it
in (if still needed).


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