On May 18, 2011, at 4:41 PM, Frank Razenberg wrote:

> The combination of VirtualBox 4.0.6 + VIMAGE gave me a lot of kernel panics 
> so yesterday I checked out 8.2-STABLE and VirtualBox 4.0.8. The kernel panics 
> are mostly gone. My problem now is that the epair interface is not reachable 
> from any pc other than the freebsd host. Services on the jail can be accessed 
> from the host but inside the jail no network connectivity seems to work.
> I've put epair0a and lagg0 on a bridge. This used to work. Is there anything 
> I am missing or is this a bug?

Someone output of ifconfig -a, arp -an, ndp -n, netstat -rn, ... would
certainly help.  I am aware of one bug that epair can stop passing packets
but ETIME currently to look.


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