On May 19, 2011, at 7:49 AM, Frank Razenberg wrote:

> > What happens if you'd directly bridge it to an em(4) without the lagg etc. 
> > in between
> Thanks, you're right, taking the lagg0 out and adding em0 to the bridge 
> instead works indeed. Can I assume that's a bug in if_lagg then? If so, where 
> should I report it, the freebsd-bugs list?

Yeah likely it's a lagg(4) problem then; check the PR database first:

If it's there follow-up to the bug in question, otherwise I'd suggest
to report it.  If you can simplify the setup without VIMAGE that might
help.  For example

em - lagg   - epairNa - epairNb (IP only here)
em - bridge - epairNa - epairNb (IP only here)

should both just work as well I think and be good for testing.  Maybe reference
this thread so people have the information:

Alternatively ask on freebsd-net@ .


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