On 07.05.2013 10:40, Victor Miasnikov wrote:
prevent default OS driver from attaching to emulated ATA controller
when Hyper-V

Disable both primary and secondary ATA controller prevent use CD-ROM
device in VM ( guest)

Because "synthetic storage driver" not handle CD-ROM devices
( IMHO, even more: Hyper-V host work with CD-ROM only as "PCI bus" device)

Then may be possibility of blocking/hiding specific ATA channels or devices could be investigated.


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On 23.04.2013 17:07, Larry Melia wrote:
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Removing our ATA patches, on the other hand, results in a huge
performance loss. This is because the root file system is managed by the
ATA driver, which is emulated under Hyper-V.

Place on IDE disk only "\boot" ( and bootloader), other on SCSI .

May be instead of splitting filesystem it could be better to boot from "SCSI" completely and forget about "ATA"? Or there is no option ROM for SCSI boot in Hyper-V?

Alexander Motin
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