First, thank you for the answer about switching from straight bridge to using a 
tap device … that made a *huge* difference … I'm not able to actually run a 
build world within the environment without having the whole machine lock up …

So, went next step … now that I can successfully build, I added the Guest 
Additions … from what I've read, its what is required in order to get time sync 
to work between host and guest … but doesn't quite seem to do it:

# ssh ams "(uptime; date)" ; date
 1:55AM  up 1 day, 20:30, 0 users, load averages: 0.05, 0.07, 0.08
Sun May 26 01:55:16 ADT 2013
Sun May 26 04:57:57 UTC 2013

kldstat shows the vboxguest.ko module has been loaded … I have ntpd disabled, 
so I don't believe I'm *supposed* to need it, correct?   

Are there known issues with this, or have I missed a setting somewhere?   Or 
should I actually need ntpd to be running even with the Guest additions?

Thanks …

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