Am 26.05.2013 um 07:03 schrieb Marc Fournier:
> First, thank you for the answer about switching from straight bridge to using 
> a tap device … that made a *huge* difference … I'm not able to actually run a 
> build world within the environment without having the whole machine lock up …

Hi Marc.

Would you share your knowledge of using TAP(4) as an alternative to the generic 
vbox bridge mode?
I cannot find much reference to that, especially when it comes to running vbox 
on FreeBSD.

If you have serveral vbox guests bridged to a physical "--bridgeadapter" or to 
a tap device used as a bridge adapter - is there a way to lock down / enforce 
an ip address for a vbox guest? I don't like the idea that someone inside a 
vbox guests uses ip addresses for the guest, that are already in use on the 
vbox server or uses non-allowed IPs.

One possible solution I thought is to make the switch that the vbox server 
hardware is plugged into, lock down the mac-adress of a vbox tap-device to a 
fixed ip-adresses (if the switch is capable of that)

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