On Wed, Nov 27, 2013 at 1:11 PM, Adrian Chadd <adr...@freebsd.org> wrote:

> Modify that function to print out keg->uk_name as well.

Done.  See:

Now if I run a kernel with VIMAGE enabled, and run the testcase mentioned


I get this on the console:

Freed UMA keg (udp_inpcb) was not empty (30 items).  Lost 3 pages of memory.
Freed UMA keg (udpcb) was not empty (249 items).  Lost 1 pages of memory.
ifa_del_loopback_route: deletion failed: 48

This certainly helps narrow down where to look for problems.
I'll see if I can post more fixes to eliminate these error messages.
Thanks for your suggestion!

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