On 2/8/14 1:57 PM, Aryeh Friedman wrote:
> Starting tomorrow (now that I got the evil empire OS out of the way) I am
> going to be adding both networking and storage... in that order but I plan
> to handle  some "low hanging" things in storage before getting deep into
> networking like allowing any block device to be used (it is up to the host
> admin how they want to attach it all petitecloud will need is a /dev/ entry
> or a backing file [some remote storage solutions do present this way not
> just disk image files])... we do not preannounce features normally but
> since this is security related we felt it was important to answer with
> specific plans (no specific due date though since that is our primary
> reason for not preannouncing is avoiding missing promised dates)... long
> term see the draft of a white paper I posted a week or so here

May I again suggest you take this type of message to a personal blog or
the mailing list you suggested?


Your personal plans apply to you alone and not the FreeBSD operating
system or its virtualization subsystems.

You have posted 31 out of the 83 messages to date in February with the
next closest person coming in at six messages and a total of 10 from the
key bhyve developers on a list for all FreeBSD virtualization technologies.

Please reconsider this strategy else a complaint will be registered with
the list administrators.

Michael Dexter
bhyve volunteer

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