Hi Olivier,

      If you create a sparse file for the bhyve raw disk (e.g. with
    truncate -s), du will show the actual blocks used rather than the
    total size.

But can I truncate an already existing image disk (downloaded nanobsd
image as example) ?

Not without some processing. One way to do it might be a downloaded -> qcow2 -> raw using qemu-img, which will create sparse files if possible.

    There is an em(4) emulation slowly being worked on. It should also
    be possible to add altq functionality to FreeBSD's virtio net driver.

Adding altq(4) to vtnet(4) should be a better idea.

 As bryanv@ mentioned, it's there with a conditional flag.

      For internal-only networks, there will most likely be a user-space
    ethernet switch (ala VDE) that bhyve network interfaces can be
    pointed at.

Great: Why not the high-perf netmap VALE switch ?

 That's being worked on, but I think that requires root access.

Because with a dummy TCP iperf bench between bhyve guests report only
254 Mbits/sec.

Hmmm, I've seen better numbers than that. What's your host h/w, guest config and iperf params ?


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