I would like to confirm this issue

On 25/08/2014 01:05, Nikolay Denev wrote:
On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 6:38 PM, Stephen Stuart
<stephen.stu...@gmail.com> wrote:
I have VMs running on FreeBSD 10.0, for which I made zvols to provide the
block IO device for bhyve. When I boot from the installation ISO, gpart
works inside the VM, but newfs does not, reporting vtbd0 errors.
Trying to mount the partiton from the shell produces the same error,
and in dmesg I see this:
   vtbd0: hard error cmd=write 290-305

I would like to report the same problem. I'm using 10.0-RELEASE-p7 as a host, and 9.3-RELEASE as a guest. VM is created using vmrc script, it installed fine. But on attempt to create additional fs inside the vm, newfs just silently fails without writing anything to disk. file -s on a filesystem reports just 'data', instead of the usual "Unix Fast File system"

for example, quotacheck also fails from inside the vm - quotacheck: Cannot find file system superblock: No error: 0. I'm getting this error message for a working filesystem, a filesystem created outside the vm and mounted inside it.

bhyve uses zvol for a block device, mounted using ahci-hd.
Commands used to start the vm are these:

/usr/sbin/bhyveload -m 4096 -d /dev/zvol/data/vm/bsd-ix0 bsd-ix0
/usr/sbin/bhyve -c 4 -m 4096 -A -H -s 0,hostbridge -s 2,ahci-hd,/dev/zvol/data/vm/bsd-ix0 -s 3:0,virtio-net,tap8000 -s 5,lpc -l com1,/dev/nmdm0A bsd-ix0
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