Alexander V. Chernikov wrote:
On 11 Oct 2014, at 21:58, Craig Rodrigues <> wrote:


What action items are left to enable VIMAGE by default for FreeBSD 11?
Are there any tests results showing performance implications on different 
network-related workloads?
Not everyone uses bhyve, so VIMAGE is quite useful when using jails.

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i know little about chroot jails or 7 ring processor levels

but let me ask rhetorically ...

do you mean VIMAGE allows a jail to use an iface device for many IPs or even MAC? i thought that was already the case all cards can "listen" - it's only a headers trick per say.

but do you mean a chroot can have access to an iface (which there are pkg for setting up if i remember)? but if a jail is allowed to use an iface why not allocate it - meaning: what is the purpose of middleman vimage connecting device to jail unless there is a strict filter inbetween (ie, strippign headers, or even controlling what iface/routes are alllowed)?

i can't see what it's for, but much less making it mandatorily injected upon all jailsm, except maybe it may BREAK existing jails by allowing net access where there is NOT supposed to be any / assumed not to be any

if they old programmers didn't want anyone compiling software who logged in: they'd insure there was no compiler. if they didn't want typing at a terminal: they'd take away the keyboard right?

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