Hi Conrad,

Also, flip Bhyve /domain/os/type support from HVM to Xen. Bhyve only
supports paravirtualized guests, and 'xen' is closest to that.

That's not true: bhyve has enough h/w emulation required to run unmodified guests - there are register-level emulations of the local APIC, I/O APIC, PIT, PIC, RTC, HPET, APCI timer, PCI/PCIe support, and AHCI.

While virtio devices may be categorised as PV, in reality they're seen by a guest o/s as PCI devices and can be considered HVM.

The bhyveload/grub-bhyve user-space loaders are an artifact of how bhyve was initially developed - they will be made redundant when the UEFI work is done, at which point bhyve will have a BIOS.



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