Hello Craig, 

I have been reading through your slides and your website announcement, as 
requested, and have a few questions. (I have also subscribed to the mailing 
list as suggested). 

(1) The slides indicate that with a FreeBSD10 and lower OS, I should be able to 
build tests already included with FreeBSD. I have created a VM on FreeBSD10.0 
but do not have the /etc/make.conf file necessary to build and install the 
tests. This may be that I am missing some set-up steps required but not covered 
in the slide presentation. 

(2) Does the test build require the use of the "Build Flow Plugin" or can the 
tests be run independent of the "continuous build" model? 

(3) Can the tests only be run under Bhyve as described in the announcement? 

I would be happy to exchange emails with you or skype as I investigate this 
work further. 



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Always happy to discuss testing. I believe that Susan Stanziono of Xinuos 
system test team already spoke to some of you. Please do not hesitate to 
reach her for any specific needs. Also, Cheryl Blain - Xinuos VP of 
operations - will be at the MeetBSD vendor summit on Nov 3-4 and can reach 
to Craig. 

It would be helpful if someone (or some people) from Xinuous could do the 

(1) Subscribe to freebsd-test...@freebsd.org at 
https://lists.freebsd.org/mailman/listinfo/freebsd-testing to start monitoring 
the discussions on that list. 

(2) Review this announcement: 

(3) Review these slides: http://www.slideshare.net/CraigRodrigues1/kyua-jenkins 

(4) Talk to me at MeetBSD Vendor Summit 

I have not been given a long timeslot to give a presentation, so reviewing 
those links before MeetBSD would 
be helpful. Long term, any testing of FreeBSD will only succeed if there is 
an ecosystem of people working together and sharing common scripts and 
information for testing FreeBSD. 

Any help that Xinuous (or any other company) can provide would be welcome. 


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