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(2)  Creates a bootable UFS image with makefs
any chance zfs will be used as well?

Seconded. There are residual locking issues issues in ZFS.
Particularly in the less exercised areas.

I think what would be an interesting exercise is to set up a Jenkins job to
and boot a bhyve VM with ZFS, and then run
the ZFS Test Suite, ported by Alan Somers to FreeBSD:


Are there any volunteers who would like to help set that up and get it
under Jenkins?
I think getting tools/regression/zfs working first would be a better idea 
(which means that ZFS developers will need to go debug/fix the issue noted in 
https://bugs.freebsd.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=191574 ). I’ll go ahead and 
commit my fixes to head from my github fork so it runs.

Alan also suggested against integrating the test suite as-is, because as he said, 
"Remember, don't run these tests on a production system.  They WILL cause 
panics and deadlocks, and they may cause data loss too.”


Wait, we want to sweep those bugs under the rug? What exactly is wrong with making a test harness that can very easily reproduce a known problem? The chances are that anyone will dive into it once the bug is easily reproducible.


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