I am currently running VirtualBox with a Debian Linux guest to run Ubiquiti Unifi-Video server. I had it briefly running on a byhve VM, but after about 10 days of running fine. I installed some updates using Aptitude within the Debian guest which promptly broke the VM. I am currently running a beta version of the UniFi-Video server software, and as such planning to do a fresh install when the release comes out of Beta. I would like to go back to a byhve VM, instead of VirtualBox. But before I can make the switch I need to find a safe way to install updates. I believe that the issue was one of the updates updated the kernel, which broke the byhve to grub boot loader setup. What is the proper method of handling this so that the byhve to grub setup gets updated? Does this issue go away on the current build with UEFI setup that's in development? Perhaps its best for me to wait until then?

   Dean E. Weimer
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