Hello, Dear Community!

I would like to ask about plans for this storage engine approach. I like
ZFS so much and we are storing about half petabyte of data here.

But when we are speaking about vm's we should use zvols or even raw file
based images and they are discarding all ZFS benefits.

We have tons of vm's per server with another virtualization engines (up to
500 with openvz and up to 150 with kvm). But filesystems and storage system
become bottleneck here. With our estimations smart file based COW could
reduce required amount of storage up to 30%:

Actually, we have only single stable and open source filesystem with cow in
mind and we definitely coukd offer this killer feature to virtualization
world which lacks something like this.

As we have support for ZFS on almost all platforms (I'm speaking about
Linux and FreeBSD) we could run ZFS subvolumes inside vm's without so much

So this approach looks very promising and I would like to talk about it ;)

Sincerely yours, Pavel Odintsov
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