So I am becoming quite enamored of an 11-current bhyve guest installed
with ZFS root running on a 10-stable host with ZFS and driven by an
AMD FX-8320.  However the 3 cpus I give it seem to translate to a lot
of overhead on the host when building the -current world, determined
by drinking beer and watching htop on both.  The guest is running a
GENERIC-NODEBUG kernel, and I'm building with MALLOC_PRODUCTION=yes.
The host is much leaner.

So I am wondering if UFS in the -current guest might be better
overall.  I can certainly do a multiple hour experiment, installing
a new guest with UFS root, but since I am new to this, perhaps there is
conventional wisdom about ZFS vs. UFS in the guest?  Maybe UFS in the
guest requires less cpu resources from the host?  Or not?

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