> Jakub Klama wrote:
>> The purpose of virtio-console is to create arbitrary bidirectional, 
>> host-to-guest communication
>> channels that bypass guest's network stack (don't require working networking 
>> in the guest).
> thanks. i had no idea that the existing console support required a networking 
> stack; it works for the loader and i can watch the kernel load and 
> initialize, so i always assumed it bypassed "networking".

It didn't. What I meant is that virtio-console can be used as a replacement for 
TCP/IP communication between host and guest (at least in some applications). 
For example, it can be used by the "guest additions" code to talk to the host.

>> But even for using it as the system console, it's a bit better than emulated 
>> serial port, because
>> the protocol supports passing console resize events from host to guest.
> nmdm could theoretically (as pty and pts both do) support TIOCGWINSZ and 
> SIGWINCH, though? or perhaps bhyve's virtio_console device could offer pts(4) 
> support?

Yeah, virtio_console totally deserves support for binding virtual console to a 

> is the protocol spoken over the virtio_console socket documented online? i'd 
> like to add support to rtty. currently i've been running the "resize" command 
> at the guest shell, which feels very primitive.

Right now the socket just speaks raw data. It would need some multiplexing or 
ideally an IPC mechanism to send the resize events.

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