> Wiadomość napisana przez Paul Vixie <p...@redbarn.org> w dniu 11.07.2016, o 
> godz. 20:32:
>>> nmdm could theoretically (as pty and pts both do) support
>>> TIOCGWINSZ and SIGWINCH, though? or perhaps bhyve's virtio_console
>>> device could offer pts(4) support?
>> Yeah, virtio_console totally deserves support for binding virtual
>> console to a pty/pts.
> layering wise, adding TIOCGWINSZ and SIGWINCH support to nmdm makes more 
> sense than inventing another host-side protocol. as does adding pts(4) 
> support to the virtio_console driver. are those things hard?

nmdm(4) emulates a serial port. how could one pass ioctls and signals via 
serial port?

>>> is the protocol spoken over the virtio_console socket documented
>>> online? i'd like to add support to rtty. currently i've been
>>> running the "resize" command at the guest shell, which feels very
>>> primitive.
>> Right now the socket just speaks raw data. It would need some
>> multiplexing or ideally an IPC mechanism to send the resize events.
> yikes. so you've got to reinvent what TIOCPKT does, but differently?

how could one pass ioctls via unix domain socket?

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