Jakub Klama wrote:

It doesn't speak any protocol. virtio-console is a pipe. it pushes
bytes back and forth. Name is indeed unfortunate, it should have
been called virtio-pipe, but virtio-console is how the virtio
specification calls it.

if it's never going to appear as /dev/console or any other tty-like
device to the guest, then i won't care what it looks like on the host.
however, you said it could carry resize events, which leads me to
believe that the name (vertio-console) is not wrong, and it is a tty to the guest, and in my view that means it should be a tty to the host.

please explain how your proposed addition to bhyve handles resize events but is not actually related to tty use by either the guest or host.

If we were to use virtio-console as a system console, then using a
pseudo tty and forwarding pty resize notifications as resize control
events to the guest is totally fine and desired (at least as one of
the options). However, as I said, unix domain socket is perfect fit
for using is at a regular bidirectional pipe.

if that pipe has resize events encoded in it, as you said earlier, then it has to have a protocol, and it is not just a bidirectional pipe.

please explain more about your use case. what will this device look like to the guest, and what application do you expect to have running on the host to talk to this unix domain socket?

P Vixie
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