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> >I was able to install the Windows 2016 using the GUI method.
> >One proble.
> >It is assigned an IP but
> >the netmask and the default route is not showing up.
> >Also  The virtual Windows 2016 box does not see a network interface.
> This makes very little sense. You usually specify the netmask and default
> route when you assign Windows an IP address.
> And how have you assigned the guest an IP address if it has no network
> interface?
> >What must I do to convince this box that is it on a switch
> On the bhyve host it should be configured just like any other bhyve
> virtual machine. The guest should have a virtio-net device, which is linked
> to a tap interface on the host. That tap interface should be bridged with
> whichever physical network adapter you want the guest connected to.
> However, I think I mentioned in a previous message that Windows does not
> have the virtio-net drivers by default. You need to boot the guest with the
> virtio-net driver ISO attached and install the driver. You should see the
> interface in Device Manager flagged as not installed/working.
> --------------------------------------------
> Just one other thing to add to this. I'm not sure if this is the case
> here, but it's something I've seen a few times now.
> When configuring IP addresses, etc for a guest, this should be done
> -inside- the guest.
> Do not assign a guest's IP address to the host, or to the tap interface.
> Bhyve works just like any other hypervisor. IP settings are done in the
> guest as if it was a real machine, the host just acts like a switch.
> --------------------------------------------
> ​

This issue may be unique to Windows 2016.

​I've had success installing most Windows releases with exception of
Windows 2016.

Windows 10 Enterprise and others ultimately work after attaching the virtio
ISO and installing the drivers by hand, however, note of caution that the
126 release of virtio drivers did not work for me. Version 102 does.

This is still work in progress from my perspective.​
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