On 2017-01-08 10:18, Nils wrote:
> Hello, I'm fighting to get vbox vdi images to run under FreeNAS and
> don't know what else to try. I've filed and commented on these two bugs:
> https://github.com/pr1ntf/iohyve/issues/227
> https://github.com/pr1ntf/iohyve/issues/228
> ...but I think the problem is not with bhyve itself or with iohyve, but
> either with grub-bhyve or ZFS.
> Running installation ISOs etc. works fine, but I need to get the VDIs
> going.,
> Any pointers are welcome...
> Thanks
> Nils
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I wonder if you are having the same problem as this user:


That the .VDI you are booting is starting grub in graphical mode, hence
your lack of feedback on the serial console.

Allan Jude

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