On 2017-01-08 19:04, Peter Grehan wrote:

>  There's some additional info at 
> https://github.com/pr1ntf/iohyve/issues/228 -
>> grub> ls
>> (hd0) (cd0) (host)
>> grub> ls (hd0)
>> Device hd0: No known filesystem detected - Total size 16777216 sectors
>  ... so it looks like grub isn't able to auto-detect the partitions.

Anything that I can do to debug that? 
https://github.com/grehan-freebsd/grub2-bhyve doesn't appear very active... 
would runningit under gdb make sense, or are there any other diagnostics that 
you can think of? All the diagnostics I've done have said that the image looks 
good (extracting MBR, looking at it with fdisk -l under Linux, etc.)

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