Bezüglich Rodney W. Grimes's Nachricht vom 13.06.2017 03:02 (localtime):
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>>  Bez?glich Zane C. B-H.'s Nachricht vom 12.06.2017 19:30 (localtime):
>>> On 2017-06-12 09:39, Peter Grehan wrote:
>>>> Hi Zane,
>>>>> I assume that means the VNC/fbuf stuff as well? Not seeing that that
>>>>> currently in 11-STABLE.
>>>>  Sure you don't mean 10-STABLE ? The uefi graphics code was committed
>>>> 11 months ago:
>>> Hmm... interesting. Not seeing that at all mentioned in the man for
>>> bhyve.
>> True.
>> MFCing r302504-317777 for usr.sbin/bhyve/bhyve.8 would document the
>> precious bhyve(8) development progress for upcoming 11.1 users.
> I think you meant r302504,r317777.
> r302504 is not likely to be MFC'ed at this time, this is the e1000 driver
> and man page.  This code has known issues at this time and is an action
> item list on the bhyve developers work list.

I can confirm that the 302504 MFC (r304424) works with BSD guests.
Also the man page correctly was included in the MFC – my fault.

But I just checked these, which needs MFC:
307517,314342,316357,317545 and the already mentioned

> r317777 should be MFC'ed asap.


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