Bez├╝glich Peter Grehan's Nachricht vom 13.06.2017 06:39 (localtime):
> Hi Rod,
>> r302504 is not likely to be MFC'ed at this time, this is the e1000
>> driver
>> and man page.  This code has known issues at this time and is an action
>> item list on the bhyve developers work list.
>  The e1000 driver was MFC'd 11 months ago. The issues are currently
> only with Windows - it works fine with Linux/*BSD/Solaris. I'm hoping
> that the Windows issue can be fixed before 11.1.

While we're at issues:

virtio-net as one unresolved:
[bhyve] utilizing virtio-net truncates jumbo frames at 4084 bytes length

Most likely this won't be able to fix in time for 11.1, but I wanted to
point out, since users depending on jumbo frame to/from the guest, are
forced to use the e1000, and if there are problems with different
guests, there's no more option left for them.



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