Bezüglich Marcelo Araujo's Nachricht vom 12.01.2018 03:20 (localtime):
> Hi,
> You can give a try using devel/libhyve-remote, it is a VNC server based on
> libvncserver, clipboard works there.

Can someone please give a on-line explanation how this port is to be
used – not for end users as far as I understand the description.
The sentence above confuses me even more, because of the "libvncserver"!

I haven't found time to look into it, but always wondered if it replaces 
bhyve-vnc-_server_ (so one needs to re-compile bhyve(8) from base after 
installing that port) or if it is a VNC client, lending X naming convensions 
where the client - which is really the server - is correctly named "server".

AFAIK VNC is different, it's just a X11 client – correct me if I'm wrong.

But since you suggest this as a solution to a end-user-task problem, a
developer library isn't probably what it is!?!



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