On 01/12/18 08:03, Jason Tubnor wrote:
> On 12 January 2018 at 12:51, Manish Jain <bourne.ident...@hotmail.com 
> <mailto:bourne.ident...@hotmail.com>> wrote:
>     Hi,
>     I have a Win 10 vm under bhyve on my FreeBSD 11.1 box. Is there some way
>     I can share clipboards between FreeBSD X and Windows ?
> If you are referring to copying data from X to a VNC console for your 
> Win 10 instance, then no.  This presentation is purely graphical, mouse 
> and keyboard inputs.
> If you are using an RDP client to your Win 10 instance, then I think 
> you'll have better luck with achieving this.
> Cheers

Thanks for replying.

I am actually using TigerVNC - it works very well on my box, except that
clipboard sharing does not work. I am willing to try something else
though, if shared clipboard could work.

Since a few replies, including yours, suggest using RDP, I will first 
try that.

Thanks & Regards,
Manish Jain
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