--- Comment #15 from Harald Schmalzbauer <> ---
(In reply to P Kern from comment #14)

Sorry for so much nonsense and off-topic comments;  But to correct myself in
case anybody else wonders....
You do _not_ need the driver reload hack for the "e1000e" _virtual_ 82574
(Intel Hartwell, if_em(4))!!! [e1000 = 82545, which doesn't support MSI, just
to mention]
I just read with one eye and confused passthrough interfaces, which is what I
prefere to have on ESXi for my FreeBSD guests (most often with 82574 or 82576).
 Only the passthru hardware needs the MSI-X negotiation driver reload

But you probably need the 'hw.pci.honor_msi_blacklist=0' in loader.conf – don't
remember well, so please check yourself if you want to avoid unnecessary config
options, even if they don't do any harm.


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