--- Comment #10 from P Kern <> ---
(In reply to Harald Schmalzbauer from comment #9)
Thanks for the code!   Yes vmx(8) does support recv/xmit of 9k frames
but in a case where the VM has 2 vmx(8) NICs, the 9k frames do not seem to
be able to transit in one NIC and the out the other.  So 9k frames only seem
to "work" when the traffic terminates at the VM (...?).
Just tested this scenario on the same VM with 2 Intel em(8) NICs: 9k frames
seem to pass through the VM via em0<-->em1 (mtu 9k on both) without trouble.
Under the same setup but with vmx0<-->vmx1, the 9k frames cannot seem to flow
thru: traffic will transit only after MTUs are set to 4096.
I'd love to tweak the vmx3f driver but then the VM could not be used for
anything we put into production (small group here. no other BSD kernel divers).
thx again

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