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*offtopic, vmxnet3 specific only, nothing PR related in this comment*:

It's correct that if_vmx(4) does not mention MTU or "jumbo" frames, but I was
quiet sure it _does_ support 9k frames – just verified positive (stable/11 on

if_vmx(4) has been improved over the time, but it still lacks ALTQ support.
And vmx3f(4) is still a bit more efficient.
Else, if_vmx(4) is featurewise on par with vmx3f(4).

Unfortunately vmx3f(4) isn't supported by VMware any longer.
I made a patch which allows vmx3f(4) to be compiled on FreeBSD-11, and it also
seems to be stable _without_ ALTQ.  ALTQ causes panics!!!  Unfortunately my
skills/time don't last to fix.
Here's the compile-patch in case somebody wants to take over:


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