On 14 November 2012 22:52, Joshua Isom <jri...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I recently purchased a wireless card with an AR9380 chipset.  I'm wanting to
> try the driver, but would I need to update my whole kernel to -HEAD or just
> the directory to -HEAD and keep the rest as -STABLE?

I test things out on a combination of HEAD and 9.0-RELEASE / 9-STABLE
with -HEAD net80211/ath. The latter is .. tricky, but doable.
I suggest that testers just run -HEAD unless they know what they're doing.

> I'm using the system as a home server, low use but 24/7 availability as much
> as possible.  How reliable is it currently?

Everything pre-AR9380 is stable. The HAL code for the AR9380 isn't
open source - I've been committing the non-HAL code to FreeBSD (ie,
reimplementing the driver layer bits) and I'm going though the process
at ${WORK} to get an open source version of the AR9380 HAL. So there's
no real AR9380 support just yet.

I've had people ask if I'll release a binary AR9380 HAL KLD for
i386/amd64. The short answer (just for the record) is no - I'm not
going down that particular road. :-)

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