On 28 March 2013 13:31, Joshua Isom <jri...@gmail.com> wrote:

>> Right. None of these have any frames stuck in the FIFO. Good. Now, I
>> have to go chase down why we're seeing this.
> I just noticed something odd, it counts from 0, 1, 2, 3, 8.  It skips 4-7
> and 9.  Why aren't the rest set up?

Because they're not needed at this point. There's just four WME
categories (best effort, bulk, voice, video) and we map each WME level
to one hardware TX queue.

Later on there'll be others (eg uapsd, bulk management frames) that
will show up. But that's a later project.

>> Is it plausibly 7-9 dB in your environment? :-) I'm worried that I've
>> not done the chip setup right and it's acting deaf-y.
> Every device has poor reception in that room, but FreeBSD is the only one I
> can get numbers from.  That's why the antenna I'm doing is directional.  My
> laptop has an Intel chip, and even Intel's "Advanced Statistics" gives me no
> real numbers.  The best I could give you is a "bar" count.

Ok, that's good to know.

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