Hello, Adrian.
You wrote 30 апреля 2013 г., 8:53:00:

AC> Any follow-up with the latest stuff in -HEAD? I'd like to see if the
AC> hardware queue is behaving how I think it is.
  Sorry, was busy yesterday.
  Sources: r250041, TDMA is enabled in kernel config.

  Warm-up:  120  seconds  of  TCP, throughput osculate between 50 and
  100Mbit/, several BAR resets, no hangs.

  Test: 600 seconds of UDP. Throughput is 20Mbit/s. Hang on ~327s.
  traffic generator stopped, single "forced bstuck" helps.

  Log attached.

 Please, note: low throughput for UDP on these revisions. It was not
 so on older revisions, before all this additional debug stuff was
 added, latest good I tried was something like r249333, and I don't
 remember about r249767 (but I could try, firmware image is not
 removed, and I don't have images between r249333 and r249333).

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