Hello, Adrian.
You wrote 19 мая 2013 г., 19:49:48:

AC> Ok. So the hardware queue isnt hung. Good!

AC> The 30mbit is the transmit rate, not throughput. No idea why is isnt
AC> downgrading though.
  300! It doesn't downgrading, because it is UDP and it is FreeBSD --
 Linux blocks sendto() on UDP socket when buffers/queue is full, and
 FreeBSD simply discard data and returns. FreeBSD behaves more
 correctly from POSIX point of view, but Linux is more "expectable".

AC> So lets do more testing to aee if the transmit queue stalls. Also, we can
AC> diagnose the disassociate at some point. Then after that, rate control.
  Logs sent to you should show, that client deassociate in middle of
 process, and it was unexpected :)

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