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AC> Right, but you're likely seeing a different issue to "hardware TXQ is 
AC> I think we've solved that. What we're likely seeing now is some odd
AC> buffer exhaustion issues that I haven't yet seen in the driver. -HEAD
AC> is supposed to be limiting how many ath_buf's are queued  per node
AC> _just_ so this particular issue doesn't occur. But it sounds like this
AC> isn't entirely working.
  ...and management frames, which is needed to re-key station failed
  to transmit and station de-associated, do I understand this right?

AC> Now, as for the rate related stuff - yes, MCS15 is actually giving
AC> high (99-100%) success rates. But it may not be transmitting MCS15
AC> very often. How busy is the air? Compile up athsurvey and run that
  Typically air is very busy in my apartments. I'm living in multi-store
multi-apartment building and here are A LOT of private WiFi networks.
Number of them are changing according to time of day (it looks like
many people TURN OFF their routers/APs when they are not at home), but
at night here are 30-35 networks in 2.4Ghz, and at morning, when I run
tests, 15 WiFi networks at range is not unusual.

AC> whilst you're doing a test.
  I'll try it.

AC> I'm going to tidy up the transmit path a little more before I start
AC> working on trying to diagnose why you're seeing the behaviour you are.
AC> But we'll get to it, I promise.
  :) Ok. I want notice, that sometimes (typically AFTER problems with
 de/re-association) it pick ups higher rates and then I see
 125-150Mbit/s UDP stream (it is not full 300Mbit/s, but much better).
 So, looks like problem is not only with busy environment.

AC> If you see any other transmit queue stuck issues then please let me
AC> know. I want high confidence that we've solved those before I move
AC> onto the next stuff.

AC> Thanks for all your patience!
  Thanks for all our hard work!

// Black Lion AKA Lev Serebryakov <l...@freebsd.org>

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